So, now it’s all over, Boris Johnson has won the General Election and in his own words, repeated a thousand times, can “ Get Brexit done !”

For many, this is a welcome break from the impasse which has paralysed politics and day to day life for years. For others, it is only the start of another long period of uncertainty, whilst the UK negotiates tricky trade treaties with Europe, the USA and the rest of the world.

Neither the Scots nor the Northern Irish share Boris Johnson’s breezy confidence that the best thing is to “Get Brexit done !” The complexities of trade across the Irish Sea risks the goodwill and years of peace brought to Northern Ireland by the Good Friday Agreement. In Scotland, the SNP have won 49 out of 58 Scottish Parliamentary seats and the prospect of Scotland becoming independent becomes starkly realistic.

In the Scottish property market, there appears little to fear. Whilst uncertainty is not a good thing, the prospect of Edinburgh becoming an independent capital in Europe offers all sorts of enticing long term investment opportunities. The city is prospering, with a vibrant economy based on government, education, financial services and tourism. It is also attractively small and popular to live in.

If Edinburgh becomes a Capital City, countries great and small will want to open embassies and companies too will consider it necessary to have a base in Scotland. Glasgow too will benefit and if communications between both cities further improve, with having fully up to speed airports, another Celtic Tiger could be roaring to compete with Dublin. 

Before the Union of the Crowns in the 17th Century, Scotland had an “ Auld Alliance” with France. Maybe we should expect this to flourish anew in the future?!